Leadership Development

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The Leadership Development Team does exactly what the title implies. We work towards honing the skills of our chapter members so that they are able to make effective change in their communities.

Leadership Longboat kickoff

We had an awesome time kicking off the year with some team building paddling! And don’t forget to mention our great costumes – Eggplant with Bacon blew everyone else out of the water (hahaha) with our fruit/veggie/bacon costumes!

Our Workshops…

We had our Fall Chapter retreat with both old and new members in October this year, with lots of good discussion as per usj ? short for “usual”.. we’re making spelling it out a thing 😛

Fall chapter retreat

We started creating a mood board, which is basically just an ongoing collection of ideas, things that excite you, or intriguing questions that make us think.  Here is our mood board from the Fall Retreat.

Mood board 1

Each semester, we present two workshops during the general meetings. We are also responsible for running leadership development sessions during our chapter retreats. The focus of these workshops vary from personal development to team dynamics. Send us an email to find out more: leadership.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

How can you get involved?


Attend Leadership Development sessions during the semester at general meetings and at the UBC EWB chapter retreats.


Attend LD team meetings to develop the workshops as well as your personal skills.


Help present LD workshops to the chapter

Mood board 2