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Sustainability UBC EWB

The Sustainability Venture aims to raise awareness of food systems on both global and local levels. The venture will foster critical thought on issues surrounding environment,                             finite resources and pollution through weekly discussions.


Whole food waste audited by the Sustainability Venture in partnership with Common Energy, March 2016


Sustainability Venture during one of our meetings


Solar Smoothies and Pancake batter! Using a simple renewable energy design, the Sustainability Venture powered small appliances during a collaborative Fair Trade event.

                     Last year’s accomplishments include:

• Designing and assembling a solar energy system that powered small appliances
• Collaborating with Common Energy during the 2015 Food Waste audit
• Organized a charity event as a part of Systems Thinking Sustainability Month of 2015

Sustainability Venture intends to collaborate with other ubc sustainability clubs such as SEEDS, Common Energy and the EUS Sustainability Counsel. Workshops with the Zero Waste Market and the UBC club, Roots on the Roof, will be organized by the venture. Finally, collaboration with other EWB ventures will be encouraged such as our planned event with Fair Trade Venture offering Fair Trade banana smoothies prepared with a solar powered blender.
The Sustainability Venture aims to ask critical and challenging questions that pertain to the idea of sustainability. Weekly discussions will be open to asking these questions in all the projects of the venture.

How can you get involved?

Low Level:
Attend weekly Sustainability Venture meeting: contact for details
Medium Level:
Attend the workshops and events organized by the Sustainability Venture; participate and assist in the various collaborations.
High Level:
Become a point of contact and head of a Sustainability Venture design, event, or workshop.