Member Learning

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Member Learning aims to generate topics for discussion and learning at weekly EWB meetings. Some important accomplishments from our venture include:

  • Hosting a discussion on uncomfortable situations and how people can make uncomfortable situations welcoming for everybody
  • Discussing how we choose which news to care about and which news to ignore

EWB 1st Meeting-1

In the near future, Member Learning hopes to host discussions on various global issues such as ISIS, Fair Trade, the economics of wealth and poverty of nations, and various other topics. We will collaborate with other EWB ventures to create and foster a learning environment where every voice is heard and every issue discussed.

The Member Learning (ML) Team aspires to ignite passion for international development amongst our chapter members. We run bi-weekly sessions for the chapter about development and EWB’s approach to transforming the development sector and effecting change in Canada. Member Learning provides a great opportunity for members to interact with content and with the chapter. We are committed to improving our chapter members’ access to information on development issues, facilitating discussions and encouraging critical thinking. Send us an email to find out more:

How can you get involved?


Attend member learning sessions at a general meeting every other Wednesday 5-6PM


Help organise member learning presentations at our team meetings


Help present workshops to the chapter.