Global Engineering

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Global Engineering is a new perspective that expands the engineering mindset to encompass the technical and social aspects of solutions to challenges we face in all fields.

Here are some of the highlights from our Global Engineering Venture:

APSC 150 presentation


The Global Engineering team delivered presentations about case studies ranging from play pumps to the BC ferries; and guided discussions about the importance of taking in account cultural and social issues when working on engineering projects.

 Pecha Kucha


Our adventures with PK started in  2011; the GE team was very intrigued by this new type of presentation style in which the presenters had 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. So we decided to give it a try and held the first GE’s PK in the International House at UBC;  and we love it! and we love it so much we decided to it again and again. Since then the yearly PK have become an GE tradition; each year there are new presenters with awesome ideas and perspectives.


GE and the Co-op office

The Global Engineering team has been steadily cooperating with UBC co-op in order to incorporate some social engagement perspectives into the program. We’ve  been doing this by helping with co-op related Pecha Kuchas during co-op week; as well as through presentations for students doing placements abroad and for prospective co-op students.

Engineering is broken. The chasm between the engineering community and the rest of society has widened to such a point that engineers often act as a separate entity, providing technical solutions without considering societal factors. Global Engineering is a new perspective that expands the engineering mindset to encompass the technical and social aspects of solutions to the major challenges we face by bridging the gap between technical and non-technical fields of study, engaging faculty and students to spread awareness, and changing the paradigm of the current engineering education system. Our approach is to simultaneously advocate to students and faculty to incite desire for change at all levels, which is the only way to achieve meaningful, long-lasting change. Our team hosts successful speaker events that engage students and faculty, presents to first year engineering classes about global engineering values, and devises methods to further expedite change in the mindset and curriculum of the faculty. Join GE to be a part of the team that helps engineers solve problems that matter. Send us an email to find out more:

How can you get involved?


Attend our weekly team meetings
Watch this video to learn more about GE


Help out at one of our outreach events
Help with a classroom presentation


Help organize one of our outreach events
Connect with faculty and staff to discuss the GE concept and how it can be applied at UBC