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The UBC EWB Fundraising team aims to create relevant and fun events to help spread awareness and raise funds for our chapter’s cause. This school year, our fundraising efforts are geared towards the national EWB It Takes a Village campaign, specifically the Agriculture Value Chains venture (AVC).

It Takes A Village: Agriculture Value Chains (AVC)

The AVC venture aims to launch the Market Facilitation Learning Hub in Kampala, Uganda in order to provide local groups with skills development, training and collaboration opportunities. This project will be a way for EWB to create lasting change in the community while collaborating with other NGOs, as well as providing an exit strategy for EWB.

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Some of our most successful Fundraising events have been:

Celebrating Social Justice Speaker series and Silent Auction

Fair trade dessert

Fair trade Dessert and Performance Night with UBC Music Initiative

Music Night UBC Initiative

Wine & Cheese at the Global Lounge

Pour a Pint for poverty

Pecha Kucha with Global Engineering

Pour a Pint for Poverty


Please contact us via for more information on how to get involved!

Low level

Volunteer at events (found on the calendar)

Invite people to the events and help spread the word

Medium level

Attend weekly meetings and offer suggestions to improve an event

High level

Spearhead an event, while delegating tasks in order to make the event successful

Take a formal role within the team to help out with logistics, donations, etc.