African Programs

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African Programs has been in charge of connecting our Junior Fellows in Africa with our chapter here at UBC. We’ve been doing that through skype calls, e-mails, phone calls and  holding discussions about the JFs blogs.

Also our returning Junior Fellows have been delivering knowledge about what they learn in interesting and creative ways! One of these is the Farming Game which simulates a year in the life of a farmer family in rural Ghana; participants are meet with frustration when trying to work within a system that often times works against them.

African Programs provides a two way link for feedback and knowledge transfer between African and Canadian ventures. Since we are so far away from the ground level work being done in Africa, each EWB chapter is paired up with a long term staff member working directly on a venture in Africa (aka APS: African Program Staff). Our chapter also sends short term volunteers each year (aka JF: Junior Fellow) to support ventures in researching, testing and expanding new and current projects . Overseas Connections keeps our JF and APS connected to our chapter and Canada while they are away with emails, skypes, video presentations and other communication techniques. OC also updates and educates the chapter on work overseas; keeping our members motivated while adding perspective and knowledge to our work in Canada. Send us an email to find out more:

How can you get involved?


Read Belinda’s blog (our current APS) and comment on it.
Get a snippet from her blog and put it on our Facebook page to get more people interested


Participate in our caption contest (sharing pictures between the chapter and Belinda and coming up with captions)
Create a fast facts sheet about Malawi and the WatSan venture that Belinda is involved with.


Present an update on Belinda at a weekly chapter meeting
Skype with Belinda or organise a group skype call with chapter members