Fair Trade

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Sep 26th


Sep 27th


Sep 28th


Sep 29th


Sep 30th

Time 9:00- 11am 11:00-12:30 9:00 – 11:00 12:00-14:00 9:00 – 12:00
Place Kaiser Atrium Kaiser Atrium UBC Bookstore Entrance Kaiser Atrium Kaiser Atrium
Event Name Ask and Eat #1:

Basics about Fairtrade

Ask and Eat #2:

Fair trade History and Structure

Fair trade Giveaway!

Freezies + Baked Goods

Ask and Eat#3: Personal Stories Ask and Eat Special:

Company Session

– One Coffee

More descriptions:

Ask and Eat #1, #2, #3:

This will be a session where people can come out to learn about fair-trade while enjoy free pancakes and fair-trade goodies. Ideally, there will be a trivia game at each session where we can get people to learn about some facts regarding fair-trade. Each session will be focused on a different theme of fair-trade as described in the table above.

There will also be ‘flip cards’ with quick Fair trade Facts, specific to the session. We will be collaborating with the Sustainability Venture, in giving out Solar Powered Fair trade banana smoothies.

Also, to confirm, the Youth Venture + Advocacy might help out and talk about their specific ventures at our event

Fair trade Giveaway!:

This is a day dedicated to selling Fair trade goodies (Freezies and baked goods, if possible) in order to raise fund. Although it is promoted as a ‘sale’, students are given a chance to win some of the goodies by correctly answering our Fair trade Trivia Questions.

Ask and Eat Special Company Session:

This event is structured by the participating company. The company will have a chance to answer questions from students regarding their product availability, whereabouts etc.

UBC is Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus thanks to Kaan Williams, Andrew Young, and Sara Mohamed Pour for their dedication in 2011.

UBC Fair Trade Initiative

Fair Trade is a certification system that ensures product growers, processors, and manufacturers in developing countries are paid a fair wage, act in an environmentally sustainable way, are allowed to democratically assemble, and don’t use child labour.

EWB Fair Trade Pancake Breakfast

The Weekly Fairtrade Pancake Breakfast is our most popular and most re-occurring event. We use various types of fair-trade products (including yummy bananas and chocolate chips) in our pancakes, and serve approximately 50 people each breakfast!

Fair trade

We are always looking for volunteers so please do send us an email at fairtrade.ubc.ewb@gmail.com If you are interested 😀

What to look forward to…

Throughout the year, our dedicated Fair Trade team continues to remind the UBC campus about ways to support and encourage Fair Trade. During Halloween, we sell Fair Trade chocolates and candies to groups across campus to increase awareness about these products.

During Valentines, keep an eye out for Fair Trade roses to give to your fair Valentine. In 2016, we sold our entire stock in just 45 minutes!

roses cookiecookie1

More about us:

Suppliers and Collaborations

Our Fairtrade team at UBC works to improve the recognition, accessibility and visibility of fair trade products. We work with the Fairtrade Campus Committee to plan outreach events including The Weekly Fairtrade Pancake Breakfast, The Easter Bunny Chocolate Sale, Valentines Day Rose Sale and the Halloween pancakes.

We also actively collaborate with other Engineering Without Borders’ Ventures like the Sustainability Venture to organize events such as solar powered smoothies. We are also looking to expand our collaboration with other ventures such as Advocacy, Youth venture and other external organizations. We organize and participate in grassroots outreach events and look for ways UBC systems can make positive, long lasting changes.

Shoot us an email to find out more: fairtrade.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

How can you get involved?


Help out at or come to one of our Fair Trade Pancake Breakfasts
Check out the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN)


Participate in running and planning Fair Trade events such as Fair Trade Halloween or chocolate sales to raise awareness of Fair Trade products


Organize meetings with key players in UBC systems to create more support for Fair Trade