A To-Do List

August 1st 2014

It’s a little hard to believe, but my last day at work is three weeks today, and then I leave Liwonde the day after. I’m super excited because the looming deadline means that the office is more aware of the limited time we have left together and there’s an air of excitement to push through some of the initiatives. We’ll try as much as possible to keep trying new things so that the office can learn and prepare as they continue the activities after I leave.

I made a list of all the things I want to do before I go so here it is, in no particular order…

  • See a hippo (this is ridiculous. I’ve been in Liwonde for two months and, though I have heard them and biked to the river multiple times, I still haven’t seen them. Not even at “Hippo View” lodge where Melissa and I ate chips and scanned the river impatiently.)
  • Hike Mulanje (August 10th!)
  • Hike Zomba or at least the Molosa hills close to me (technically I hiked a bit when I went to see my friend’s gravity fed scheme but I want a proper hike) [check!-August 2nd !]
  • See the results of the brief gender discussion I had at an ADC meeting (aka see the office make a conscious effort to include women in the conversation about borehole maintenance)
  • See at least one handover of the pushbikes for the area mechanics
  • Bake my hostmom, Mariam, a birthday cake (August 17th)
  • Have the Water and Sanitation District Executive Council Meeting happen and see my boss present the work we have done
  • Ask a friend to hang out
  • Go to the community library that’s literally two minutes away from the office (lol)
  • Go out dancing
  • Chat with the Malawian woman I met who works for Red Cross [check! August 4th and it was the nicest meeting of my life, I feel super inspired, and she invited me for dinner!]
  • See the MOUs finalized for at least two ADCs
  • Finish the data collection database with the knowledge that it will be used! Figure out the pathway for information from the field to the office. (this will be a lot of work and if it is successful it means that I know the information will be used far off in the future and that everyone’s hard work paid off)
  • Figure out pivot tables
  • Get feedback from the office on the case study
  • Get the office to write a list of things that can happen if there is extra money
  • Chat with either the District Forestry Officer or District Environmental Officer (this shouldn’t be hard but I’m shy)
  • Read my book sitting on a baobab in the baobab forest [check!-it was lovely but then I got stalked by a bunch of girls]
  • Leave Liwonde knowing that I did my very best, am confident that I am leaving a good impression, and that the office will continue their hard work to ensure consistent access to clean water for all of Machinga district

Source: Franny in Malawi